EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ found the best paper for medical, and now its in our Nano Travel kit.

If you remember we had tested GIZEH super slim in the bright green pack and if you remember those were the best papers our reviewers had tried. I was happy to have found such a great paper but hoped we could find in a slightly larger size but still smalleer then 1 1/4 so I called my supplier and told them how much we loved the paper.  We were even happier when two days latter we had the perfect sized paper at our door.  This is the same 12g paper as the super slim we tested but sized slightly larger and we can report that this paper works wonderfully on our tool for even a beginner roller.   We have been happy to report no runs, no added taste and its sized perfect for rolling a .50 gram medical EZJ.  

After such good luck finding this awesome paper we decided to include it in our EZJ Nano kit at the same price. The Nano kit now has Tool to adapt a pen Bic pen into an EZJ tool, Crutches, Papers and comes in its own air tight & crush proof case.  


EZJ Official Paper Review

GIZEH the best paper you have never heard of for Medical

Gizeh papers are in the racing terms a sleeper, there is very little knowledge of this paper in American market, but these are big around the globe.  Nothing about the packaging indicates how awesome these papers are.   I hadn’t actually rolled this rice paper before the tests started even though I was given a full box of these by Daughters & Ryan over a year ago. When I initially pulled a paper out it was nearly impossible to roll because it is such a slim cut.  Now that I am practiced and can roll even the tightest paper these may be the new go to for everyday EZJ.

Our review panel was very impressed with the paper as it added almost no flavor to the medicine.  We had no runs and can't express how impressed the testers were with this little paper.   Again this is very hard to roll on the original tool.  We had better luck with the Nano tool then the original.  The trick to rolling the super slim papers is to pre-moisten the glue strip.  The glue only overlaps the paper by 2mm so you have to be precise.  You will be rewarded with one of the best papers for medical.  It’s sized perfectly short so you can make a single serve EZJ.  This is such a slim paper there is no overlap so I can’t stress how tight your EZJ rolling skills must be for success. 

You will be rewarded in a smoke rich in history that doesn’t contribute to the taste of your herb. Five stars for the paper with a 1 star deduction for difficulty because they are so tight.

EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ review of Randy's Original Wired rolling papers

Randy's rolling paper with a handy roach wire.

Imagine a cigarette paper with a wire glued in place so that after the paper burns it leaves said wire to work as a roach clip, if you can do that you have seen a Randy’s rolling paper.   Randy's used to sell the insta-roach but probably had to get PC about that and dropped that moniker from the packaging.

The paper used in Randy's original product is standard Cig paper, bleached white with circular water marks.  This paper ads a lot of burned paper flavor to the medicine and I doubt you will need the wire because you will toss it half way through based on how rough the burn is.   With medical use our two concerns are what are we adding to the medicine when smoking it and does the paper add enough flavor that you can't stand to medicate with it.  These two critical pieces of information often are not noticed by a casual user as they cough with any big inhale and assume that it should be this rough.

  After rolling a few into EZJ our testers determined these two concerns are present  with these papers.  This is not great smoking paper for everyday medical use.   With the extra glue to hold the wire and additional glue to seal the smoke.  By using double the glue combined with combined with a poor quality smoking paper makes a lot of undesirable smoke and ultimately makes for a poor purchase when building medical cigarettes. 

These papers may have had there day in 1975 and small time consumers of herb may find the wire handy.  However a full blown medical user will not find much use for these papers.

 EZJ uses crutch so the wire just gets in the way.

1 star for medical.

EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ offical review of Raw organic 11/4 Paper and cones

Raw unbleached hemp rolling papers 1¼  Size &  Raw Cone 1¼  size.

Raw is the standard that people who know how to roll go to.  The papers rolls very consistently and the quality is top notch.  Raw features criss-cross watermarks on the paper and this reduces the chance of a run.  There is a lot of history out there on RAW and I would be foolish to think I could out write what's written but I can say this.  I have been consistently happy with RAW’s quality.  Josh Kesselman is the founder of RAW and although I haven’t met him, I can say he has accomplished a lot. This guy is worth a google search as he is into everything.  Think Elon Musk but with rolling papers and accessories.

Years ago when just starting our Smoke Shop we started with a few boxes of Raw papers.  We now devote two shelves to their products and customers have come to in counting on Raw to be there.   We sell more raw papers than any other in fact we are big Fans of Raw paper, and I would be lying if I didn’t hope that EZJ was just was recognized as Raw someday.

EZJ was invented to outperform cones and while I love the paper, frustration with cones and the time consuming task of filling them is what created EZJ.  One area where the tube shape out performed the Cone is in how much medicine they paper holds.  We filled 6 cones & 6 EZJ to see how they stacked up.  The cones held and average of .60 grams of medicine, the EZJ tube holds .9 grams in the same form factor. That's 50% more in the same size paper.  I was also able to roll and fill an EZ8 tube full of EZJ in 10 minutes.  It took the same amount of time to hand fill the 6 cones.  I was happy to not have any of the Raw cones run as happens with so many other brands.

We give Raw 4 Stars for Medical,  however we invented EZJ to improve on the cone and with this head to head shows we did just that.  

So buy some Raw papers, but skip the cones and roll your own EZJ, you will save money.  By making it yourself.  You can have any paper you like plus EZJ  holds more,flows more and runs less.


EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ reviews Top brand rolling paper

 EZJ official review of Top rolling papers.

    Top makes a very consistent paper its composed of flax and has been used for over 100 years. This paper is a product of France, the paper material rolled fine on either EZJ tool and looks just like cigarette paper.  It is a short length paper at 70mm x 40mm and really makes a nice personal size EZJ.  The tube rolled holds .70 grams of medicine.  

Unfortunately that is really all the good I can say about this brand and its medical application.  If you are trying to make it look like a real cig this may be on the list   After smoking it I now know that traditional tobacco has paper all wrong.    I digress if  If the purpose of a rolling paper is to hold the herbs and provide a ignition source it does that.  The problem for our testers is this doesn't burn without making fine tasting herb taste like a cigarette butt in a few puffs, it was tough to smoke this thing half way down.  More surprising is as this thing sat in the ashtray it overpower the room.  There was a king size Elements EZJ that was 95% gone, it had less smell and tested better if that gives you a reference on how much smell and flavor this paper adds.

Not suitable for medical  

1 star.