EZJ Official Paper Review

GIZEH the best paper you have never heard of for Medical

Gizeh papers are in the racing terms a sleeper, there is very little knowledge of this paper in American market, but these are big around the globe.  Nothing about the packaging indicates how awesome these papers are.   I hadn’t actually rolled this rice paper before the tests started even though I was given a full box of these by Daughters & Ryan over a year ago. When I initially pulled a paper out it was nearly impossible to roll because it is such a slim cut.  Now that I am practiced and can roll even the tightest paper these may be the new go to for everyday EZJ.

Our review panel was very impressed with the paper as it added almost no flavor to the medicine.  We had no runs and can't express how impressed the testers were with this little paper.   Again this is very hard to roll on the original tool.  We had better luck with the Nano tool then the original.  The trick to rolling the super slim papers is to pre-moisten the glue strip.  The glue only overlaps the paper by 2mm so you have to be precise.  You will be rewarded with one of the best papers for medical.  It’s sized perfectly short so you can make a single serve EZJ.  This is such a slim paper there is no overlap so I can’t stress how tight your EZJ rolling skills must be for success. 

You will be rewarded in a smoke rich in history that doesn’t contribute to the taste of your herb. Five stars for the paper with a 1 star deduction for difficulty because they are so tight.