EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ review of Randy's Original Wired rolling papers

Randy's rolling paper with a handy roach wire.

Imagine a cigarette paper with a wire glued in place so that after the paper burns it leaves said wire to work as a roach clip, if you can do that you have seen a Randy’s rolling paper.   Randy's used to sell the insta-roach but probably had to get PC about that and dropped that moniker from the packaging.

The paper used in Randy's original product is standard Cig paper, bleached white with circular water marks.  This paper ads a lot of burned paper flavor to the medicine and I doubt you will need the wire because you will toss it half way through based on how rough the burn is.   With medical use our two concerns are what are we adding to the medicine when smoking it and does the paper add enough flavor that you can't stand to medicate with it.  These two critical pieces of information often are not noticed by a casual user as they cough with any big inhale and assume that it should be this rough.

  After rolling a few into EZJ our testers determined these two concerns are present  with these papers.  This is not great smoking paper for everyday medical use.   With the extra glue to hold the wire and additional glue to seal the smoke.  By using double the glue combined with combined with a poor quality smoking paper makes a lot of undesirable smoke and ultimately makes for a poor purchase when building medical cigarettes. 

These papers may have had there day in 1975 and small time consumers of herb may find the wire handy.  However a full blown medical user will not find much use for these papers.

 EZJ uses crutch so the wire just gets in the way.

1 star for medical.