EZJ Official Paper Review

EZJ official review of Futurola KS slim Orange

EZJ official review of Futurola Orange KS Slim.    

 The Futurola papers come in a nice kit with crutches or without, the paper is thin and translucent. The futurola paper rolls very well on the tool and doesn’t run when rolled & smoked... that is a great start for any paper.

The paper burns clean and leaves very little ash.  This product does give  a bit of a burned wood smell but not nearly as much of other brands being reviewed.  Futurola papers seem very comparable to Zig Zig Ultra thin. overall I would give these 4 stars. I actually feel a little bad only giving 4 stars when everything about this company is so cool.  However my real responsibility is fair reviews and for real medical user so it's important to note that 85%-90% of this will smoke awesome but it gets rough at the end as you reburn the wood tar out of the herb a second time.

This is a premium paper and it's priced competitively with other papers on the market with a pack of KS slim with 32 sheets retailing at 1.99 if you upgrade to the pack with crutches you are 2.99 and you are ready to roll.


Futurola Orange gets 4 stars!

Don’t hesitate to add these to your rolling box.