EZJ Official Paper Review

Elements Rice Papers gets 5 stars *****

Elements has really accomplished something wonderful with this paper. These rice papers are slow burning.  Literally no ash from the paper and only a tiny line from the gum. Best of all Elements doesn't impart  flavor in the herb.  It was just flowers all EZJ long. Lower quality and or thicker papers leave a burned wood taste in the herb. These papers left nothing, burned perfectly and didn't run at all.

HBI has created something special with these papers and any fan of papers will want these in their rolling box.   Smokey Joe's West retails the 1 1/4 50 packs for 2.99 these have the magnetic enclosure and that is a welcome addition to the packaging.  The king size comes with 33 sheets for 1.99.  

Elements are produced in Spain.  We have these in our smoke shop, they are a favorite.  The test staff rolled a pack of 50 papers and was amazed at how easy these took to the tool.  Every paper rolled EZ and burned perfect as well.

Five Big Stars, and great job HBI